Please help me...Relationship Structure

Discussion created by jackypeile on Oct 29, 2012
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Hi all,


Trying to complete the relationships in my new project.

I think I have been a bit ambitious with my limited skills in FileMaker and Database design in general.

Any help would be great!


I have the following planned out and mostly working so far.

Basically the database is for use within my rowing club to create, distribute and record program/session information.

So far everything works, except linking:

  • Sessions to Weekly Program


  • Weekly Program to Squads
  • Actual Program to Squads


It is most likely that the Program/Session/Exercises will be created for a Squad(Multiple rower/multiple coach) and the Actual Program/Scores/Feedback will be recorded by Squad(single rower/single coach)


Thanks in advance!!


Database query.bmp