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    Connecting FM 11 to Wordpress


      My client is putting a website together w/Wordpress, and will have a few forms generated by the site that they'd like automatically interfaced with FM. I think rather than emailing the form, if they write the data to a SQL table, that's something I can access in realtime with FM 11 using ODBC, right? I'm supposed to tell the website folks what they need to do in order to have FM interface... any pointers on examples, etc.?

      Thank you.

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          Well, the website guys don't really need to do anything - it's up to you to connect to the WordPress SQL Database via FileMaker.


          The solution you're looking for isn't limited to Wordpress - it applies to  everything SQL-based you may want to integrate with FileMaker. That said, you already got the basic idea right: Setup the SQL database as ODBC/JDBC source and once that's done you can add that ODBC entry as external database source in FileMaker. At this point the external tables behave just like native FileMaker tables - you can read, update, create and delete records and more importantly you can integrate those tables into your existing relationship graph.


          There should be countless tutorials and ressources on connecting FileMaker to SQL databases via ODBC - you should easily find them with google.

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            Not entirely true! As a "website gal", and host of several WordPress sites, I can verify they are in MySQL. However, your ISP may prevent external access to that database. Only the WordPress sites may have the permission necessary. Also, the version of MySQL may be important. Point them to the FM documents that show which versions of MySQL are valid with ESS.



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              This plugin is mainly for posting to WordPress but it may give you some help in getting what you need.



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                I could also imagine a solution whereby the wordpress site accesses a FM database IWP page, where the contact and registration information gets placed directly into FM. That's pretty straightforward, isn't it?

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                  All --


                  With respect to benlevi's comment, wouldn't it also be possible to add the FMI PHP library to a WordPress site and create FileMaker-based custom web pages that interact directly with FileMaker Server?  Then, within the WordPress environment, you should be able to set up links that point to the CWP pages.


                  That's what I'm planning on for a client next month, and I'd like to know if anyone has successfully done this sort of integration.


                  -- Drew Tenenholz

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                    Often, when connecting to a Wordpress database, it may be required to connect via a tunnel.  If, like Bev said, you can't get direct access to the database.

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                      It is possible to get direct access to mysql database but generally better to go through APIs if available as often have layers that manage addtional logic/security.  Also most sys admins will make a grunting like sound when you ask them to grant a database direct remote access.


                      Wordpress has XML RPC support to get data back from posts etc - http://codex.wordpress.org/XML-RPC_WordPress_API


                      Would need a plugin BaseElements, Scriptmaster, TroiURL & knowledge of xml and webservices but as mentioned above looks like Lauren done all that hard work already - so first stop i'd go would be http://wordpressfilemaker.com

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                        So I'm not getting strong clarity on this yet... is the wordpressfilemaker plug-in the way to go? I don't need to write from FM to Wordpress. I do need to be able to get data from Wordpress into FM. Is opening up the tables for external access something relatively benign for an ISP? What Wordpress ISPs are out there that will accommodate such a request?

                        I'm fascinated why this isn't more documented... it seems like we can't be the first ones that have come up with this scenario. You'd think there'd be some best practices out there.

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                          I only played with her demo (wordpressfilemaker plug-in). Put a quicky wordpress site via the GoDaddy install interface.

                          The plug-in moved data back and forth between my desktop FMP demo file and wordpress. = sum total of my knowledge.

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                            If you can use the External SQL Data Sources (ESS) feature to view the Wordpress MySQL tables directly I would recommend that. You can then simply script the moving of data from the SQL tables to the FileMaker tables as required, along with the ability to have a "live" view of your SQL tables.


                            I've been doing this since ESS appeared in FM v9 and it's been working great ever since. The only tricky bit is working out which table/s you're after and how they related to each other, but the web developer might be able to help you here.


                            For more details on ESS if you have never used it you can start here:







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