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    Losing the tool menu


      A client just called me saying she had lost the tool bars. I told her to go to the Tools menu to make sure the standard menus were checked, but she reports there is also no Tools menu. I had her quit the database and open it again, but she says she has neither tool bars nor the Tools Menu. Anybody know what is going on and how to fix it? This is FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v4.

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          Are you sure she's using Advanced? There is no Tools drop down menu in Pro, and that menu always shows up in Advanced; you can't turn it off with Custom Menus.


          Regardless, "tool bars" are not located in the Tools menu anyway, but the View menu. It's called "Status Toolbar". It can also be activated with one of the small icons at the bottom left corner of the screen.

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            Thanks. I called her back and had her check Status Tool Bar and Formatting Bar on, and it all came back. And she actually wasn't sure what version FileMaker she had and I did not want to confuse the issue with her by having her check "About..." udner the FileMaker menu.

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