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    Using Control Key for Action in Filemaker App on iPad


      How would one couple or add the action of the "control" key (Mac based machines) on the iPad to result is a action that can be only be made with the control key, which cannot be made, since their is no control key on the iPad Keypad when visible. Ultimately I need to execute a function that can be made on a mac laptop or mac desktop with a full keyboard with the "control" key on the Mac, which would be the same thing as the right click on a windows based PC.


      Is there any command or action in the scripts that would send a "right click" or "control" key action in an iPad App in Filemaker?

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          It sounds like you're trying to use a user interface designed for use on a desktop computer for FileMaker Go. Interaction with a touchscreen device is different enough that it usually justifies a separately designed UI; this issue you're raising is one reason why. There is no notion of a "right click" action in the iOS touchscreen interface. The easiest approximation to overloading a single desktop click target with separate functionality for left and right clicks is to have two separate tap targets on the touchscreen.


          It sounds like you're hoping to access a contextual menu — there's no such thing in FileMaker Go. You might manage a reasonable approximation with a global field formatted as a pop-up menu showing a value list of possible commands; attach an OnObjectModify trigger that performs different actions based on which command was selected.

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            Is there any command that the user, while interacting with an iPad touchscreen, that will reult in the touchscreen getting the same equivalent keystroke information as a right click on the screen.  Specifically, when you right click on google maps, a window appears, that allows the user to query additional information: "Directions from here, Directions to here, Zoom in, Zoom out, center map here, what's here, and lastly, report a problem."


            Does there exist in Filemaker a way to send this command to google maps that would allow the user to open this same query window, by simply having the user to touch the map in google maps, for instance.


            I do know there is no notion of a right click or control click in the iOS interface...  when you state you can open a pop-ip menu revealing a value list of possible commands, can you be more specific as to how a user can push this trigger to the screen interface?  Thanks.

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              The technique I described using a global field with a pop-up menu and OnObjectModify script trigger would only be useful for giving FileMaker a command. FileMaker initiate it's own a "right tap here" interaction. (That would be awesome for automated UI testing, though!) Interacting with Google Maps occurs within a Web viewer, which FileMaker has little control over once it loads a page. If what you want to accomplish is possible, it probably requires some HTML and JavaScript in a data URL for the Web viewer, which gets beyond my expertise very fast. That said, when I open Google Maps in Safari on an iPhone or iPad, the same commands from the desktop contextual menu are all available in the interface, only they're available via tappable buttons and gestures — more appropriate manipulation elements for touchscreen devices than contextual menus.

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                I know I can probably achieve this with an external script, but I am limited in that respect.  I cannot use any apple scripts or external scripts for the project I am working on, it all has to come within the filemaker interface, specifically the Filemaker Go interface.  Regarding your last responce to somehow produce a gesture to result in the same, i.e. a control (ctrl) tap, I was unable to figure out any recorded sequence that would do this.


                Thanks.  Maybe the gurus at google can add this function for the ipad, in the future, perhaps by holding or tapping a position for (say) longer than 3-5 seconds.  That would work.   The google team I have contacted have not responded yet with a responce to the same concern as stated here.

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                  Hi Thomas


                  I've checked the pop-up list that appears when you right-click in Google maps - the list of options is shown below;


                  1) Directions from here, 2) Directions to here, 3) Zoom In, 4) Zoom Out, 5) Center map here, 6) What's here?, 7) Report a problem.


                  Which of one of these options is the one you want to use?


                  Once we know the option you need, then we can look for a way to trigger that option when viewing Google maps in a web Viewer.


                  Google may provide an alternative way to select the specific option that you need, without requiring the 'Control' key.


                  Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.