ExecuteSql Calc works in dataviewer but in field definition calc produces parsing error

Discussion created by KevinMortimer on Oct 30, 2012
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Hi All


I have this strange problem where a calculation using executeSql command where the sql string is defined in a let statement fails in field definition calculation by works in dataviewer. I changed the sql string by hard coding it into the field definition calc and this works ok. The field definition calc error when fails says parsing error.


I have provided basic file showing my problem. There are 2 fields ( executeSql_Working and executeSQL_NotWorking ) with the exact same calc except one is where the let statement hardcodes the sql string and the other let statement calculates the sql string.


I have seen i few other posts with similiar problem but they all deal with the calculation result whereas my problem is the actual field definition calculation fails when trying to save a field definition.