Unknown Error: 8002 when creating fields in 'Manage Database'

Discussion created by matthewpearson on Oct 30, 2012
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I'm in Manage Database on FileMaker Pro (not Advanced) and I'm getting 'Unknown Error: 8002'. Does anyone know what this is?


My database table consists of (the sructure is to fit in to what my customer wants):

* Fields labelled A to Z

* Fields labelled AA to AZ

* Fields labelled AAA to AAZ

* Fields labelled AAAA to AAAT

* A count summary field for each of the fields above

* A percentage of total calculation field, which is total for field / total num records


This only started appearing after I got most of the way through putting in the percentage fields, so I'm wondering if there are just too many fields in this one table?


Thanks for helping


Matthew Pearson