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Navigating using a field ID

Question asked by alheron on Oct 30, 2012
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Hi Guys


This probably seems really basic for you, but I'm stuck with a navigating problem:


I have many records, each with it's own ID in the form (areaNumber & "." & siteNumber) to give results like 12.3, 9.4 etc and these are unique.


I want to be able to navigate to records using these IDs rather than record numbers and I thought the best way was with script parameters, I just can't

seem to work it out though. I don't need to create a set of found records, just navigate to one as specified by a script parameter. The idea will be to have

hundreds of buttons (each using it's own parameter) to navigate to these records, one button per record.


Any ideas please (preferably really simple, only basic skills here!)