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      Where can I go on the web to find free learning tools and practice files I can use to learn the basic on FileMaker? Are there any free downloadable templates or video files?

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          Its not free, but i would highly recommend lynda.com. The site is amazing, and the info about filemaker on there is great for beginners/intermediate users. That's where I went to learn the basics of FM

          I recommend that over simply examining templates. There's a heck of a lot of theory and best-practice that is presented in lynda and in books that i've found extremely useful.


          You can download parts of the Filemaker Training Series on the technet site as well.

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            I appreciate your fast response..I did download the FM training Series on the technet site as well. I will check out the Lynda.com site also. What books have you found that were very helpful to you?

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              I have Filemaker 12 indepth, Developer's Reference (a great manual on all the functions and script steps - i use this one almost everyday). I have used the Missing Manual Series.

              Those are great. I go back through those once in awhile. I consider myself somewhere between a beginner and a non-beginner. I've developed for 4 years and have learned so much in that time.


              If it's within your realm of possibility, i strongly recommend the Filemaker Developer Conference as well. I went for thefirst time in July and it cranked up my learning-abilities so much. A lot of it was over my head at the time, but it's all starting to come together and I understand what I sat in on during the conference. It's expensive, but well worth it to someone like me.


              I've also learned a lot from the great folk on this forum and other forums, though really almost all the people here are the same as other places . This fourm i've found more people willing to go over something again for us newbies rather than dismissing the question with a 'did you already search this forum?" comment.

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                I've written down the books that you spoke of. I will talk to my Supervisor to see if she will purchase this books and let me go to the conference also. When you went to the conference did they provide you with any learning material? What was all included in the conference? I'm glad I joined this forum, you've been a great help in pointing me in the right direction.

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                  Have you started with the tutorial and "template" files come WITH your install? Also for "free" you can use your favorite search engine and get examples of many things you're trying to do from there. This forum and others may have examples of what you want to do. Learn the basics with the tutorial and then decide what you want to do. Go from there before trying to learn everything!



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                    Hey..My supervisor just gave me the FM Developer Conference Session Video Set..she went to the conference and bought it..so I'll be watching these videos..

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                      Are you talking about the PDF FMP_Tutorial? If so I'm going to start using that now..

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                        Oh..Yeah..I did some of the video stuff..I look through this more in detail though..Thanks for the link.