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    Large Container in FM12


      I am a consultant who does a fair amount of FM installs. I have a database that I have on my server that I keet plugins. With 12 working better with container fields, I figured I would try to store my install files there too instead of on the AFP share volume over the internet. The container field is an externally stored field securely managed by FileMaker server. I uploaded the Windows applications just fine, but when I tried to upload the full FMP12 DMG file, it crashed saying FileMaker was out of memory. Is there is limit to container sizes or is it something about uploading a DMG to a container field that is causing the problem? Thanks for any suggestions.

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          Hi Taylor


          Just checked the tech specs of 12 and found the following:


          Container: Multiple streams of binary data totaling no more then 4 gigabytes per container field. (new storage types added)


          There is no other specification given on externally stored container fields so I presume this applies to both internally and externally stored?


          Can you download the DMG for a small application and try that? Perhaps FireFox for Mac?


          Good luck!


          Best Regards



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            Ben, thanks for the suggestion.  I uploaded a Skpe DMG since it was only 34 megs and it uploaded just fine to the container field.  Maybe it is a size thing because the FMP12 DMG is almost a half a gig.  I wonder if anyone knows the size limit or any ways around it.