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Discussion created by jjfcpa on Oct 30, 2012
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I am creating a simple application to keep enter names and addresses in. My goal is simply to print envelopes using the names and addresses entered. The problem ( as I see it ) is the name can be both a "addressee" and a "return address".


Although it may never happen, the situation may arise where the "addressee" and "return address" are the same name and address. Obviously, I want to create a layout for the user to select the addressee and return address from a file. And that brings up the problem, how do I have two different records (addressee and return address) displayed on the same layout? I was originally thinking that I would have a record structure that had fields for the addressee and the return address in the each record, and then when a name and address is entered, it would be duplicated in the return address fields. However, I don't see how I could get the addressee and return address from two different records on one layout.


How should I approach this?