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How to select 1 of several shipping addresses from order layout

Question asked by joshdt on Oct 30, 2012
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In this question I will use 3 tables.


Contact (pk_Contact) - parent - single contact

Address (fk_Contact) - child - multiple shipping addresses

Order (fk_Contact) - child - multuiple orders


Using a layout based from the Order table (child) how can I select which address to use for shipping?


I cant use a foreign key and value list to populate which address becuase the order table is not directly connected to the address table (i.e. no foreign key exisits). If I create a link with a primary key in address and a foreign key in order I then get to select from several hundered addresses not relating to the contact. I am not sure if there is an extra sort function or and entirly different way to be able to select an address for an order layout.


Any help would be greatly appreaciated! Thanks!