How long will this take?

Discussion created by dreed on Oct 31, 2012
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As I mentioned in a previous post, I've pulled down the entirety of our corporate analytical database from its hold home to create a filemaker database that will allow essentially read only browsing and searching of the data, since we've moved to a new system where all the old data was not completely mapped.


The original SQL database consists of 57 tables, one of which "RQST_TREE" has about 800 GB of BLOB data spread out across over 1 million records. ODBC import was able to pull all this data into filemaker as container data, and exporting the field contents proves that the original documents are intact and readable in their source applications. Since this is a 800 GB Filemaker table (which I will keep as its own separate file), I would like to use external container storage to ease management of this table in filemaker server. I started the transfer process to put the containers in secure remote storage at noon today and about 8 hours later it's at maybe 2% based on the progress bar (screenshot). I know it's a lot of data but is this really going to take a couple weeks? If so I should probably quit the job and run it on another machine besides my laptop.