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    FM12 v3 list views


      What is going on with FM12 v3? Windows PC running the FM12 v3 are seeing embossed lines on all lists. We can now remove them altogether although many user do not like that option. How can we get the view back to the way it was? Very light gray lines. BTW, the MAC Client running FM12 v3 does not display this way. Seem like very poor testing prior to release of upgrade.

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          Yes. It has been reported on repeatedly. FMI has acknowledged the problem in some calls to them.  As to a fix from them...???  I'm sure they are working on it.


          In the meantime, if you don't have a ton of them...duplicate the layout, change the theme to something other than "Classic".  Adjust the portal to look as you want it to.  Copy the portal and paste it onto your original layout to replace the other one.


          It doesn't help if you have hundreds of portals in a complex solution...but for small stuff...

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            Thanks for the update.  Unfortunately, I have many lists within portals etc.  Fortunately, I did not upgrade the other 40 users. Unfortunately as well, there are  some fixes with this version which are desperately needed and I cannot utilize until this issue is resolved.  Any idea when a new version will be coming out?


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              Here is a short video demonstrating how to repair this by pasting styles (instead of pasting entire portals): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GZoYkZP-KA  You can also use this technique to add nice FM12 scroll bars to converted FM11 portals if you'd like.


              Hope it helps.

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                Thanks John, useful timing was just looking at this right now.


                One gotcha to highlight when doing this is to avoid copying & pasting objects across different themed layouts.


                If you copy & paste an object across two differently themed layouts. eg, 'Light Grey' to 'Classic' (or vice versa). Filemaker embeds much of source Theme CSS along with local styles to each objects CSS in the destination layout.  This results in a lot of extra CSS code.  Not big issue with 1 or 2 objects but can add up quickly if do it with lots of objects.




                Update:  Just did an unscientific test on above assumptions (came from Devcon layout underhood session)


                - Tested copying & pasting a portal object & copying & pasting just object styles via inspector buttons.

                - Tried from 'Classic' to 'Classic' & 'Condensed Light' to 'Classic'.

                - Used 'Clip Manager' to view differences in Layout XML.



                Result Summary: Seems while copy & pasting 'objects' across themes does add lot of additional layout code, copy & pasting styles via the buttons does not. (at least in minor style changes i tested with)



                Result Details:


                1. Copying & Pasting a styled 'object' across two differently themed layouts had a big difference in amt of Layout XML code.  1400 lines across same themes,  went up to 2400 lines when copied a restyled portal object across from one theme to another.


                2. However doing as you did in video with Copy & Paste style buttons in inspector FMP added only couple hundred lines of additional CSS code - even between themes. From 1400 to 1600.  Was similar amt of code in both theme to themes and across theme tests.


                3. Interestingly when I copy & pasted the re-styled portal object from theme to theme (deleted orginal), the Layout XML code lines stayed pretty much as it was orginally at 1400 lines. So seems to be most optimised code in this test.



                In conclusion from my totally unscientific 10 min test. (may differ greatly depending on which styles used?)


                - For now it seems safest to pick a theme for your solution and stick with it through solution (as recommended in Devcon Underhood). 

                - However if copying & pasting object styles across different themes.  Using the inspector buttons should result in much more optimised CSS than copy & pasting styled objects across different themes.


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