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FileMaker 11 - Reactor CalPack2

Question asked by ProgramDesign on Oct 31, 2012

We are using the CalPack2-BlackBox from Reactor in one of our solutions, and have a couple of questions we need answered:


  • Is the memory leak related to parantheses in SQL queries resolved in the latest version of FMP11 (v3) ? How about for FMP12 ? The plugin uses some nifty work-arounds today by requesting all records and later dropping them, but that makes things a whole lot slower on larger solutions.


  • Has anyone customized the ResourceCal2-BlackBox to support multi-line keys on the LEFT side of a relationship ? By default the plugin automatically creates an SQL Query with paranthases when there's multiple values in (with carrige returns) on the LEFT side, that the FRToolBox later rejects for polling, and leaves me without polling or any other update-functionality.


  • Is anyone using the CalPack2-BlackBox, or any other Blackboxes, and have some experience in customizing them ?


  • I've sent an email to Fusion Plugins with a couple of questions, but haven't heard back from them yet. Does anyone have experience with their customer support ? Does anyone know what their strategies and plannes with the Rector-platform are ?