Running scripts in a different FM Pro 11 file

Discussion created by gobbles on Oct 31, 2012
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Hi all,


I have an odd issue. I have a very very old filemaker pro database, call it "dbOld", that I am absolutely not allowed to change internally in any significant way. I beleive it was written years before FM Pro 7.


I need to regulalry import data from an external source (excel spreadsheet to be exact). The data needs to be validated - and modified - so as to confirm to the rather archaic internal logic of dbOld. And also to allow for changes to the type of data thta is no collected. Again, I am not allowed to change dbOld so I have to process all incoming data so that it adheres to dbOld's conventions.


What I have done is create a small new FM11 DB, I'll call it dbNew, which imports the excel data and then validates and processes it so it is suitable for dbOld. A current working solution is to then import this data from dbnew into dbOld.


Since end users with limited IT skills will be doing the imports I really want to avoid as much human interaction with what is happening as possible.


What I would like, is to run a scrpt from dbOld, that:


a) opens dbNew

b) imports the data from excel to dbNew

c) imports the resulting processed data from dbNew to dbOld

d) cleans up and deletes what was left behind and closes dbNew


Fundamentally, I guess I am asking if it is possible to run a script in a different FM data base from inside of the current one.


Is there a sensible way for me to do this from dbOld?


both DBs are on Filemaker pro 11 and server 11.


Thanks for any suggestions.