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    Transistioning from Access




      I am transitioning from Acess and have some questions to ask.

      Right now the most pressing job I am stuck on is how to make a drop down list populate fields on a form. For example I have top form called systems, this is the truck system we manufacture. Then on a portal I need to be able to add compliance plate codes for the vehicles. I have created the form and the sub form in Filemaker Pro 12. Now I would like to be able to open the Systems form and click a drop down list populated from the compliance code table. When I choose one it then populates the other fields on the form. This would have been accomplished with a query and subform in Access.


      I am not sure how to make this work and the terminology in Filemaker is different and I am not yet across the meaning and paradigm of how Filemaker works.


      I would expect this to then flow onto the reporting process as well with getting the sub form data when I run the report on a particular system.

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          I am transitioning from Acess and have some questions to ask.


          Hi Ken,


          I recommend that you purchase the Filemaker Training Series (FTS) and start reading. If you have a background in Access you simply need to be able to translate your experience and skills into FMPro syntax and methods. The FTS is perfect for you, you'll be up to speed in no time.


          You need to look at Value Lists (File -> Manage -> Value Lists). You simply want to generate a value list from a fields contents.


          all the best


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            Simple example attached.

            Their is a way to make a list that is layout independent.

            If you look into the list properties you will also see options that will not denormalize your data (link by key fields instead of data fields).

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              One of the biggest weaknesses in developing Filemaker compared to Access is the lack of "subforms". There simply isn't the equivalent in FM. A portal shows multiple records from another table, but you can't reuse the same layout on another layout.


              To auto-populate, you'll probably want to modify the field definitions (though you could use script triggers).