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Transistioning from Access

Question asked by kenr on Nov 1, 2012
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I am transitioning from Acess and have some questions to ask.

Right now the most pressing job I am stuck on is how to make a drop down list populate fields on a form. For example I have top form called systems, this is the truck system we manufacture. Then on a portal I need to be able to add compliance plate codes for the vehicles. I have created the form and the sub form in Filemaker Pro 12. Now I would like to be able to open the Systems form and click a drop down list populated from the compliance code table. When I choose one it then populates the other fields on the form. This would have been accomplished with a query and subform in Access.


I am not sure how to make this work and the terminology in Filemaker is different and I am not yet across the meaning and paradigm of how Filemaker works.


I would expect this to then flow onto the reporting process as well with getting the sub form data when I run the report on a particular system.