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Import FMaker DB based on Field Value

Question asked by dstg_support on Nov 1, 2012

Greetings !


I have no idea if I'm posting this in the right section, so here goes nothing...


Here's my problem...


I have two FileMaker DB.

They share the same fields.

The frame behind both of them are identical.

They both contains data for all of our clients (600k + records).


(Both of the DB are in FP7 format and we're using FM ver. 8.5)




One version was modified locally. All the modification done on that one were done for ONE client only.

The other version, which is server-based, was updated during that time. All the updates affects ALL of our clients, except for the client mentionned above.


So now I have to import the local DB into the server-based DB, but I have to update (overwrite) only the records that were modified in the local DB.


Is there a way to do this via a script ? I've searched the web for an answer on this, but found none, so here I am



Thanks in advance