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    FileMaker Pro 11 on Windows 8


      I know FM does not support FM Pro 11 on Win8 but has anyone tried it to see if it will run. I have a client that is insisting on buying a new laptop with Windows 8 on it and they are still running FM11. I don't have a copy of Windows 8 yet to do my own testing.

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          Steve Wright

          FileMaker 11 (and12) works on Windows 8 with so far as I can see, no problems (relating to the OS) whatsoever..Obviously, I cannot say I have tested everything


          I have been using Windows 8 for some time, through dev to consumer previews and now on RTM.

          Unrelated from a filemaker perspective, but if your client finds it difficult with the "modern ui" then the following may be a very welcomed suggestion :



          Im using this too and it takes the pain out of the transition.

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            Thanks Steve.  Very helpful.  As a primarily Mac shop, I haven't gotten around to creating a Win8 VM yet.   They only use the database for basic data entry and viewing so it sounds like they will be good to go.

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              Steve Wright

              Happy to help.


              Im using 8 as my primary OS at the moment, even though Im not a fan of the dumbed down 'modern ui'


              Just some additional food for thought.

              Running 8 as a virtual machine can be frustrating unless its in full screen at the correct resolution (edge to edge) because the hot corners are an absolute nightmare when its running in a window, being theres no hard edge so to speak.  They can still be a nightmare when its the primary OS, but considerably better than the earlier releases.

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                We are running Windows 8 and Filemaker 11 on one of our training lab machines with no problems.


                Best Wishes


                Jim Brear

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                  Steve -


                  Thanks for the Start 8 link ... best 5 bux I've spent


                  Running Win 8 Preview on a 8 GB Mac Mini with VMware Fusion 5 ... very snappy performance and personally, I really like the clean look.


                  Will be installing FMP 11 and 12 soon to see how they behave.




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                    Just installed Filemaker pro 11 on a Windows 8 Professional laptop on an Active directory domain. The new laptop is replacing a Windows XP machine. Everthing seems to be working fine except Filemaker is asking for authentication when "Single sign on " is working on all other machines.



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                      Steve Wright

                      RE: Filemaker 12 Advanced and Windows 8.

                      Im unsure if this is a Windows 8 issue, but I have recently been noticing a problem whilst working on layouts in 12 Advanced, so it seems to only affect 'development'


                      Continuous opening of some properties dialog boxes, such as double clicking a series of buttons to change the script run etc may cause an error to be displayed followed by filemaker crashing immediately.  The error is :


                      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

                      Runtime Error!

                      Program c:\Program Files (x86)\Fil...

                      R6025 - Pure virtual function call


                      I have completely uninstalled Visual C libraries, .Net libraries etc and re-installed but its still occur's randomly and when you try and reproduce it, as expected it works flawless.  I just thought it worth mentioning, even though the thread is clearly for 11.

                      It may just be an issue on my system but then again, it may not.


                      Edit: sorry reply was meant to be to the topic not jkrichton directly

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                        The only explanation is that the Windows 8 machine is not properly joined to the AD domain (if authentication fails completely).  If you are able to manually authenticate then I would look in the server's security logs for any clues as to why the SSO failed on its attempt.  There will be a logged event for the failed authentication.