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    A Noted Anomoly


      Platform: Mac OS X 10.7.5

      Version: FMPA 12.0 v3

      Environment: Manage Scripts


      When you double click on the right side of full field name ( such as 'field' in the following... database::field Name ), copy [command C], then select another right side of a full field name and paste [command V], a space is inserted before the paste, even though a space was not included in the copied selection. [See screenshot attachment]

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          Hi Tim,


          This issue has been around for a while now. I'm now trained to look for the leading space if I get an error when clicking OK in the calc dialog, but would love to see the back of this one.


          I would encourage you to report this as a bug to FMI and hopefully it will be addressed in a future release - the more feedback the better.





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            What avenue would I take to report this to Filemaker? I purused Technet a did not see anyplace for reporting something like this. Is there a way to do it in Filmaker.com proper?

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              Hi Tim,


              It's under the Help Menu, "Provide FIleMaker Feedback", and the "Report Product Issues" selection on the left of the subsequent Web page. Then select the language under the FileMaker icon. The go to Using FileMaker Pro in the Support Forum.


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                Oooooh... just figured it out... you mean 'Help' in the FMPA12 program!... Thanks