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Primary Table Occurences - what should and shouldn't you use them for.

Question asked by JayIchiyen on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by JayIchiyen

I have been planning out a solution and starting to add tables into the Relationship graph. FileMaker Pro automatically generates layouts based on your tables and since I have been creating the Primary Table Occurences (PTO) first, the layouts are based off these table occrurences.


Is this a bad thing?

I guess the same question applies for value lists too. Is it good practice to have value lists based on the primary table occurence of a table?


My understanding of the use of Primary Table Occurences, according to the FileMaker Development Conventions (FDC) is that their main use is for "internally referenced" calculations. Which leads me to my Third question; Is there a newer version of the FDC document other than the one dated November 1, 2005 (just after Filemaker 7 was released).


Thank-you in advance!