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    Popup date picker disappears on iPad


      I have a solution where I have a date field placed off of the layout. For various reasons I display the date value using a merge field on the main part of the layout. Some background: I'm intentionally placing the date field off of the layout, because whenever an editable field is selected on layout, a selection box twice the height of the field appears. This is visually confusing, and so I've made a habit of using merge fields on layout, and putting my editable fields off layout.


      In this particular instance, when the user taps on the date merge field, a script trigger selects the "off-layout" date field. When this date field is selected, the IOS date picker pops up automatically. This works great on the iPhone. But on the iPad the behavior seems different.


      On the iPad, the date picker pops up as it should, but then the keyboard pops up next, and then the date picker disappears. I've noticed that the iPad keyboard has 3 buttons on top - Previous, Next, and a 3rd button. Hitting the 3rd button will toggle the date picker on and off. But obviously I don't want it to keep turning off by itself.


      If I place the "off-layout" field onto the main layout area, the date picker does not disappear, but remains as it should, but I get the ugly and confusing selection box around the field. Any ideas for why the iPhone and iPad behavior are different? Is there a bug? Is there some way of controlling how the date picker appears?

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          Have you looked at the Behaviours of the field. If you have Select Entire Contents of the field checked it will behave differently...


          Perhaps a pause built into your script might allow the keyboard to load first,


          Interesting approach.


          - Lyndsay

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            What I discovered is that on the iPad, the field MUST be on layout in order for the field to remain active with the date picker displayed.  This is unlike the iPhone, where the date picker remains active even if the field is off layout.  Attempts to move the field so that it was barely on the layout (by 1 point) did not work.  So I ended up shrinking the field width to 1 point, and moving the field onto the layout in an inconspicuous place -which hopefully I will always be able to find later, as it's nearly invisible in layout mode!  When in browse mode you can still see the selection box around the field when it is activated, but it is so small that it is not as visually distracting as it was before.  I can live with it.


            Interestingly, I found that the iPad keyboard MUST be displayed when the date picker is displayed, not sure if that is an iOS thing, or a filemaker thing.  Odd...