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    Font display issue on iPod


      Am doing a proof of concept demo for a potential client.

      FmGO 12.0.6 on a gen4 ipod touch with ios 5.1.1


      I am trying to get a time display stacked in a square box for design reasons -





      using Helvetica Neue.

      To make this work I reduced the line space to 0.7


      shows fine on a demo iPad but on the touch the reduced line space seems to NOT be honoured.


      Is this an issue, either with the software, OS, or me??



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          What if you were to break it in to two elements and use the formatting controls on the inspector - set the top to display hours and the bottom to display minutes? This would eliminate the line spacing issue.

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            I am displaying it as a merge variable


            but in any case eithert that way or as a field it doesn't work because when you choose 'mm' as the display format it does not display the minute component but converts the time to minutes


            Clearly I can create a calc field just for the minutes display but that is adding all the time to the overhead rather than it displaying as one might expect.

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              Can confirm this is not an ios5 issue having tested with 6, it seems that ANY amount less than 1.0 lines is not honoured


              Am reporting this as a bug. As it is.

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                The best I can tell, fixing display issues is low on their priority list. I have seen three updates for FM12 and FM12GO over the past 9 months and no GUI issues have been fixed. For that matter, no performance issues have been fixed either. I can only assume that they are busy working on the next feature that they can "sell" rather than fixing the poorly implemented ones that we have already purchased.