Layout on iPhone in FMP Go will not auto-size to fit screen in list view

Discussion created by henrik5000 on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by melastudio

I have done a FMP GO app for the Iphone (retina display 640 x 960 pix) everythings works perfect apart from the fact that my layouts in list view will not for some reason autosize to fit the screen? - in form mode I have no problems ??? I have looked at the starter solutions from Filemaker and I can see that the width of their screens are 4 pixels shorter in width (316 pix). I have tried to do the same - first trying with a 4 pix shorter width then 8 pix short width but with no success when installed on the Iphone. Is there anyone out there who know how to solve this problem? any help much be much appreaciated.