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problem: portal filter summary including last entered record on table

Question asked by devhunt on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by devhunt

I have a portal filter setup and a self-join summary field on the table to place a summary of the day's hours in a global variable.


In my portal filter script, I am setting the summary to only include records that meet the criteria of of the EMPLOYEE ID and the DATE of the entry.


PORTAL FILTER SCRIPT: Let($$dayhrs04=Punches::sumDayHrs;Punches::date = $$day04 and Punches::employee_idf=$$employee_id)


This script works perfectly by not including any data from any other record EXCEPT the very last record (whether the record is in a prior or future date. Also, portals without any dated entries will display the very last record as well.)


Any suggestions would be appreciated.