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Setting up database - one record with multiple entries

Question asked by pmstandley on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by melastudio

Should be simple but all of the sudden with FMP 12 it is more complicated. How do you set up a database that essentially will manage simple data from several fields for a single record? For example: need to track occurances weekly that will be associated with a single weekly date as the individual record. Each field (6 accross the sheet) for each week will have up to 180 entries accorss the report...kind of like an excel sheet report. When I set it up the way I think it should be set up, everytime I add another row of info (6 horizontal fileds "Date", etc.) it adds another record for each row. I know this is probably simple so I hope I can get a quick answer and put this issue to bed. Love this forum...hopefully one day I will be able to supply needed knowledge to others...Pay it Forward! Thanks.