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    Errata — FileMaker Training Series 4 — Module 7 — Reports


      Chapter 7.3

      Example 7.3.3

      Step 5


      The "DateOrdered" field references in the third (and fourth) line of the specified formula should be enclosed in escaped quotation marks, as is the _kf_CustomerID field reference. Not doing so yields a blank chart.


      More specifically...


      SQL = “Select Sum (Total) from ”Order” Where

      ”_kf_CustomerID” = ? and DateOrdered>= ? and DateOrdered<= ?”];


      should be


      SQL = “Select Sum (Total) from ”Order” Where

      ”_kf_CustomerID” = ? and "DateOrdered">= ? and "DateOrdered"<= ?”];


      I believe this is because the field reference in this case is part of an SQL query, rather than a field reference in a FileMaker calculation.


      I invite and welcome your comments.


      Phil Toll