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Conversion from FileMaker 7 to FileMaker 11 to FileMaker 12

Question asked by liyangao on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by liyangao

I have a question about the conversion between FM7 to FM11 and FM12. I need to convert some FM7 files from FM7 server to FM11 server. I had already opened all the FM7 files through FM11. Since FM7 and FM11 share the same file format *.fp7, does that mean I can upload those FM7 files directly to FM11 server while those database showed the same purple FM11 icon on Mac? Did I miss anything? I tried to open the FM7 database in FM 11 on my PC but cannot find the conversion box. How to change the database icon from FM7 icon to FM 11 icon?

Thanks. Your response is greatly appreciated!