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    Can't Modify Records:


      My FMP hosted by Digital Fortress crashed and disappeared last week. After I reported it to Tech Support, they helped me reconstruct my database and relaunch it, Its up and everything is there my website works my searchable database works Everything: EXCEPT when connected to the host site I am unable to modify any records. When not hosted I can modify everything but it is not showing up anywhere. I need my server and my database to communicate and it seems something went missing during the crash. Did I not click something? Please Help.. Lost in FMP land... :-) :hmm:

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          Hi BBC


          If a FileMaker Database is just copied into the server folder for hosting, due to the various permissions that FileMaker Server requires to be set in a hosted database, most times the database will be served, but the database will be locked.


          You need to make use of the 'Upload a Database' option in server, which correctly sets the permissions and allows you to open the file with full read/write privileges. 


          This happened to me today - I absent-mindedly dragged the updated database into the server folder and we couldn't modify it.  I realised immediately what I had done, so closed the file in the server, dragged it back out of the folder to the desktop and then used 'Upload a Database' to put it back. Fixed!


          Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.