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Conditional formatting of a found set member

Question asked by alheron on Nov 6, 2012
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Good Morning All.


My title says it all really, but here is the scenario. I want to generate a found set, then I want a button to change colour to indicate that it belongs to the found set across several (maybe 20 maximum) records. So in English what I need is something like "If I belong to a found set then I need to turn green, otherwise I need to remain black"

The solution is for buttons which represent locations on a map. If the location(s) satisfy the criterion set to generate the found set then I want the locations to change colour. Once the found set is discarded then the locations need to return to their normal state. I presume I use use conditional formatting for this, but I'm not sure how to do the 'if I'm a member of a found set' coding to trigger the formatting change.


I'm way out of my comfort zone here (again) so hopefully some kind soul will share some thoughts on this.


Many thanks




BTW, this is using Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced, generating a solution for FM Go 12 on iPads.