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    ESS MySQL and Error Capture / Trapping


      Hi there,


      I'm wondering how to trap for errors in scripts that set data in a MySQL table. Even with Error Capture On I keep getting dialogs with error messages that stop the script. I have an automatic process and I keep getting the following error from time to time:


      ODBC Error: [Actual][MySQL] Too many connections


      and after I click OK I get:


      ODBC communication/link error. Please check your network connection and/or database server.


      Is anybody aware of this problem ? and has a solution / work-around ? Either on the ODBC error or how to get error capture/trapping to work.


      Thanks in advance and best regards - Dick Honing / ecOrganizer ... CRM, PSA & ERP SOFTWARE ... THE total solution for sales, service and trade http://www.ecOrganizer.com