Simple efficielt out-of-the-box webshop

Discussion created by CarstenLevin on Nov 7, 2012
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One of our customers/partners want to start a webshop.

It must have:

  • Must be ready to use in a hosted environment - even better if it is a pay-now-start-configuring-on-our-hosting-server-at-once solution.
  • Catalog with sub-categories. Buy function and basket + payment.
  • Must usable in Scandinavia. Supporting Danish Language (preferably also Swedish).
  • First Phase: Must be able to create and maintain products/groups from a file created by FileMaker (Excel/CSV/Tab or whatever). One Way.
  • Later: Should have an API or other relevant method to build a more automated integraton with FileMaker.


I do have experience with the all singing all dancing Magento. I would like to suggest a simpler and leaner solution to this customer/partner.

Must be easy.


It is OK if it is an international solution. But should you know a lot about one of the Danish solutions: Please come forward, I am not anti Danish:-)


We do have our own FileMaker webshop. But it is made to be build into our solutions. In this case I would like to recommend something right out of the box.


Best regards