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    Simple efficielt out-of-the-box webshop


      One of our customers/partners want to start a webshop.

      It must have:

      • Must be ready to use in a hosted environment - even better if it is a pay-now-start-configuring-on-our-hosting-server-at-once solution.
      • Catalog with sub-categories. Buy function and basket + payment.
      • Must usable in Scandinavia. Supporting Danish Language (preferably also Swedish).
      • First Phase: Must be able to create and maintain products/groups from a file created by FileMaker (Excel/CSV/Tab or whatever). One Way.
      • Later: Should have an API or other relevant method to build a more automated integraton with FileMaker.


      I do have experience with the all singing all dancing Magento. I would like to suggest a simpler and leaner solution to this customer/partner.

      Must be easy.


      It is OK if it is an international solution. But should you know a lot about one of the Danish solutions: Please come forward, I am not anti Danish:-)


      We do have our own FileMaker webshop. But it is made to be build into our solutions. In this case I would like to recommend something right out of the box.


      Best regards



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          Steve Wright

          Hi Carsten,


          Its been a while since Ive used an online webshop (which I have not built myself) but in the past I did use CS Cart.



          Its looking quite different to the system I used but even so, It was fairly powerful back then but still easy to manipulate.


          I also spent some time with magento and CS Cart was just easier to work with for me at the time

          I had a quick peek and it supports multiple languages, Danish already being one of them along with a wide range of payment processors.


          Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add, it allows importing and exporting for various data sets. 
          I used to import our entire catalog which was created / maintained in FileMaker regularly, I also used to export sales data and bring it back into FileMaker, I just never got round to building an automated way of doing this





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            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for you input. I will have a look at CS Cart. And since my customer is still leaning towards Magento I hope to hear more from our other friends here about

            - Magento experiences

            - Experiences with other - easier - leaner - more straight forward - platforms


            Best regards



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              Our internal FileMaker solution syncs to Prestashop and while Prestashop is easy to dive into it is also very messy - Just have a look at some of the source or just the CSS for the standard theme. It's very bloated, the code is hard to read, modules, themes and extensions often feel very sloppy and amateurish. That said, in hindsight Prestashop feels like the wrong decision for us, which is why we are looking for alternaitves right now. Since our website is already built with Wordpress, we lean towards WooCommerce right now, a Wordpress Shop Plugin. Thsi enables us to keep the overall site design and work from the same admin panel.


              However the Wordpress database structure is more abstract and less straight forward - basically every item like post, page, and so on is a record in a post table only distinguishable by a post type field. You (and plugins you install) can register additional post types like products, product attributes, etc - these go into the same table. This is quite clean once you understand it, but I still have to figure a few things out and at first sight it's less obvious than fixed tables for products, orders, customers and so on.




              On the other hand if you want a shop solution that looks good and works well out of the box, try Shopify. From a technical perspective this should be top-notch, as it is built with Ruby on Rails and looks to be done by competent people, great presentation as well. It provides a well documented API to create, read, update and delete product, orders, customers, etc - so the option for integration should be fine, maybe even better than direct SQL manipulation, considering FileMakers integrated SQL performance.

              However it comes with a price tag - see their plans for more info. But this should be fastest and easiest solution to get you started.