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Mac mini as a low-volume FileMaker 12 server

Question asked by Rick_Stringer on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by ch0c0halic

I want to setup a pretty low-volume FileMaker 12 server. The machine that I'm considering is a Mac mini, 2.6GHz Quad-Core Intel Core I7, 16GB RAM, 1TB Fusion Drive, OS X 10.8.x. I'd also add an external USB 3 drive or possibly Thunderbolt drive. This would primarily be for databases run by my company. There are only 12 of us. We would have some databases that we would make available to clients through a web interface or possibly directly through FileMaker, but again, I don't see this as high-volume. At the most, it might get 100 hits in a week. I doubt it would even be that much. It isn't for sharing with the public.


Do you think that Mac mini can handle it? I believe it would do fine, but want to see what some of the experts out there think.