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Sending a reduced size FileMaker file

Question asked by jaybeemob on Nov 7, 2012

I have a FileMaker Go solution on my iPhone that allows me to take site notes and photographs and send these back to other parties and to my desktop database for syncing and data manipulation. The problem is that the photographs need to be at a reasonable resolution and therefore increase the file size. A typical database on the iPhone grows to 120 - 200 MB with photos. This makes it impractical to send over a 3G network. I have a solution that means I do not need to send a file with the photos immediately but I do need to send the text part of the database to other parties. The photographs can be downloaded separately to the desktop when I am next in the office or when I have access to wi-fi.


Is there a way for FileMaker to send an FM file without the photo container field? (but retain it on the iPhone for later syncing). I know this can be done if I export the file in various formats but I want to send it as an FM file. I have created a possible solution by separating the photos as a separate table and linking these to the main file by a relationship but this is not as elegant a solution as I would like to achieve.


I would appreciate possible alternative approaches to the problem.


Many thanks.