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    Barcodes and where to store them.


      I've got CNS barcode reader to work with my iPhone. It is copying images and pasting them into a new table I set up for the barcodes.

      I don't want to save the barcodes as they are of no use to me in the barcode table. I want to paste the ISBNs which are being copied for me into:

      a find on one layout;

      and to add a new record in another layout.

      I just don't know what sort of a relationship I need to set up with the barcode table so all of this will work for me.

      I tried setting up a relationship between the barcode table and my add new records layout. The relationship demands that I have a unique barcode number in my add new inventory layout and a corresponding number in my barcode layout. So this poses a question for me about what to do when I want to start a find. I would have to have a corresponding relationship field between the find and the barcode layout.

      I'm finding it all a bit confusing. Can anyone advise me on how to set the relationship so that it actually works?