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How to make a calculation result default to zero if negative?

Question asked by dustyhanes on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by flusheddata

Hello all,


I would like some guidance on how to prevent a result in a calculation from being a negative number. I'm working on an inventory on hand field and I don't want the result to be able to show a negative quantity. I want it to stop at zero, or default to zero if result is less than zero.


An important note: If the result is negative, I want it to not only just show as zero, but I want it to think the result is actually zero. By this I mean if I remove an inventory item and the total quantity on hand would be -25, I don't want it to show as 0 but then act is further calculations as if it's still -25. Because then if I received 100, it would show 75 and that wouldn't be accurate. I would want it to default to zero and then act as zero in the calculation, showing a result of 100 after receiving.


Hopefully this made sense. I've played around with some functions, but I figured I'd seek some advice here. Thanks so much!