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Relationship problem?

Question asked by paulatkins on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2012 by paulatkins

Hi, I am building a scoring system for a print judging process.

I have several tables, one is the Entrants table where each entrant is described, given a "PortfolioNumber" and their up to 8 entries' scores are gathered in separate fields.

One of the other tables is the Entries table, where each entry has an ID number, a score that is averaged from 5 judges scores and a "PortfolioNumber" field (plus other details). The "PortfolioNumber" is what I have related between the Entrants and the Entries tables.


What I want to do is when a score is entered into the Entry score field (AverageScore), averaged from the 5 judges, that score is fed into the Entrants print score fields entitled "Print1Score" "Print2Score" etc.


Why do these calcualtions not work?


PrintScore1 = If ( (( Entries::PortfolioNumber = PortfolioNumber ) & ( Entries::PrintNumber = 1 )) ; Entries::AverageScore )


PrintScore2 = If ( (( Entries::PortfolioNumber = PortfolioNumber ) & ( Entries::PrintNumber = 2 )) ; Entries::AverageScore )




It returns the same score for every print (Print1), ignoring other print numbers.


Thank you