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    Using filemaker on multiple geographic sites


      Hello, I'm after a bit of advice.

      We use filemaker 12 server to run practice management system for a vet practice, we will shortly be using it on multiple sites and would like to maintain a single database.


      1, Is it possible to have servers in each geographic location that are synchronised so that if the broadband fails then it can still be used locally and then will re-synchronise once internet/power is back?

      2, We need to be able to record username (straightforward) and also the clinic name that the user is in in records - how do we get it to automatically enter the clinic name, dependent on the location of the user?


      Thanks very much



      (A vet is fairly new to filemaker!)

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          On PaperCutPro, my practice management/EHR, we have multiple clinics and log in also with IP addresses, as a way to identify clinic location.



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            Synchronization always has complications, but can be done.  There are tools like 360Works MirrorSync that help, but synchronization will always be much more complicated than hosting a single database accessed by everyone.  What I would first try is hosting at fast hosted service connection (eg Amazon, Rackspace, etc.) that has great internet speeds and then have both locations access by the internet.  Also, try to get as fast a connection as you can at each location.  If that doesn't work, then I would try a synchronization process.  Believe it or not, if you design things well, WAN connections through the internet work pretty well with FileMaker.  But there clearly are limitations.