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Passing field values as a parameter between FMP files on the server

Question asked by farview on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by farview

We are using FileMaker Server


We have file-a and file-b.


In file-a we have a field named: file-a::name. We also have a script in file-a named call-file-b-script.


In file-b we have a script named file-b-script.


In call-file-b-script we have the script step: Perfomr Script ["file-b-script" from file: "file-b"; Parameter: file-a::name]


The problem: When the script is called from a client connected to the server it passes the value correctly but when it is called from the server as a schedule it passes an empty string.


Note: Both files have no password and use the same user. file-a has file-b as an external data source.


What is the difference between the client and the server execution in this situation and what should we do differntly on the server to make this work.