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FMP12 - Printing student list with pictures, annoying behaviour on windows

Question asked by thomas_staehli on Nov 12, 2012
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Since filemaker now has the possibility to stream content to a container field, I now import better quality pictures and therefore bigger in size as well (between 1 and 2Mo). Lecturers asked me to setup a student list with pictures, which I did easily. 1st attempt I did setup the container to show images which resulted in really heavy pdf and really slow to go to a network printer as it took the full size file for each picture.

2nd attempt I changed to interactive content which works really great, pdf is light, printing goes fast (quality goes down a bit, but it doesn't really matter).


I like to give the user the choice to print or save as pdf, so what I usually do is a script that opens a new window, go to the right layout, do some searching, sorting etc... and then enter preview mode (I have a custom menu in preview mode) and that's it. User can then browse through the pages, print or save as pdf.


On the mac, no problem, as soon as the script goes to preview mode, the layout just stays blank for a few seconds to allow all the pictures to load.


Now the problem appears when I try from a windows machine, as soon as the script goes to preview mode, instead of loading all the pictures at once, there's a little popup that appears and disapears after one second for EACH RECORD!. Which means that if a class has 30 students, it'll take almost 30 seconds (a bit less in reality, but still) before it actually stops and allows the user to print.


Any idea how I could optimize that? This is really annoying.





Server: filemaker server 12 adv. on a windows 2008 R2

Clients: Macs and PC's with filemaker Pro 12.0v3)