Upload Database Assistant - the only way to get external containers onto FMS?

Discussion created by dreed on Nov 12, 2012
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I have finished working through the import of a large database from SQL server into a set of filemaker pro 12 files. I have set up external storage on these files while working through them locally, and now have about 1 GB of fmp12 files (65 tables across 7 files) and most of the imported varbinary data is stored in external (open) storage. There is about 800 GB of externally linked container data.


I just went through a fresh install of FMS 12 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine, where I have all this data on a second internal drive. I defined the folder on this second drive as an alternate database folder, and then navigated to database section of the admin console to open these databases. They open fine, but the external container data is not available. Also, the backup I did of these files via FMS schedule does not have the external data in the backup location.


I assume this means that I need to transfer these files to FMS (even if they are already on the same machine) via the upload database assistant? I am currenlty attempting this, and when selecting all the files at once, the admin console is essentially unresponsive with no user feedback for about 30 minutes now, and the drives are appearing to read and write a bunch of data (the javaw process, which I assume is the admin console), but I fear that this might actually take FOREVER...


Is there no way to simply copy the databases in question to the databases folder, then open them and have FMS recognize the external container data?