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Help with finding proper price based on entered information

Question asked by rdgeib on Nov 12, 2012
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I am looking for some helpwith a database we are building. We have a table of products. Each product has 3 different price points based on volume. Each of the prices is a record in the table. When building an invoice, we ask for the quantity and size of the particular product being produced. We then use these figures to calculate the square footage of each particular product to be produced. Now, here is the issue, we would like the pricing to automatically be pulled from the table based on the square footage of product to be produced. We currently have the field set up as a calculation using a Case statement and a GetField function to evaluate the number of square feet needed. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to use the GetField function to choose the proper field for the proper product. The Product table has maybe 30 products in it. Each product has 3 price points, so that is about 90 records in the table. If there was only 1 product in the table with 3 different price points, I can get it to work. But, since all products are in 1 table, I am struggling to get it to choose the correct field from the correct record. ANy ideas that might help? I am working in FM V12.