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FM 12 Network Install using ARD

Question asked by rnakama on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by olafseifert

I'm wondering if anyone has had any issues or experience creating an install package using the script provided by FMI. I've followed the instructions on the Network Install Guide and have not found any success. All I get is a 4KB ARD.pkg file which does nothing.


I have the FM12.mpkg, AssitedInstall.txt, and in a FMP12 folder


When I use the script this is what I get


ls: *.pkg: No such file or directory


cp: FMP12/ is a directory (not copied).

pkgbuild: Inferring bundle components from contents of FMP12/AppleRemoteDesktopPackage

pkgbuild: Adding top-level postinstall script

pkgbuild: Wrote package to FMP12/ ARD.pkg


Hopefully, once I have this ARD package I can use a package deployment tool like Munki to remotely deploy Filemaker Pro 12.