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Help sum a count field

Question asked by bmccoy on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by flusheddata

I have a database with three fields.

Manager, Employee Name, Time Not =Entered (date field)


Each manager will have many employees who do not enter their time. I know how to count the employees by Manager and I did that by created this field: Count (Employee Name)


But, I now can’t figure out how to only count each employee 1 time as oppose to counting each instance of the employee for a particular manager.


Example: Manager Smith will have 5 different employees, but the total record count will be 25 for Manager Smith for his group of 5 employees. I only want my field to show 5 as that is the actual total employees Manager Smith has. I can't figure out how summary this. Each time I try, I get 25.


Help a novice programmer.