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Government certifications?

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

Good day, all. I'm consulting with a client who's asked some questions regarding certifications by (US) government entities / against government standards, and I don't know the answers. Does anyone know the answers to these questions?


1. Are you aware of whether Filemaker Pro (or any of its runtime programs) being certified by either DoD through its (DIACAP) process, or DHS through its Technical Reference Model (TRM) for use on the Government internal and secure networks?


2. Is the Filemaker Pro data compliant with the HIPAA/HITECH standards for data encryption (specifically, the data at rest encryption requirements)?


I'm assuming the answer to (2) is "no", given previous discussions of the "obscured" vs. "loose encryption" standard for the data file itself. But if anyone who's done any HIPAA work knows for sure, that'd be great.


And I've never heard of any DOD or DHS certifications for secure networks, but ... thought I'd ask anyway.