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Set Occurrences by Day(s) Of Month

Question asked by Bobster on Nov 13, 2012
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I'm about to modify an old database project that tracks upcoming events.


Usually, the event is just a one-off and its record includes a unique Start_Date, an End_Date (usually, but not always, the same as Start_Date) plus a Start and End Time. Dates are currently set by clicking on the Start_Date and End_Date fields with a drop-down calendar.


Some of them, however, might be recurring events that happen "on the first Tuesday of each month", or "the first AND third Saturday of each month".


What I need is a way to set the Date fields to account for such possibilities and a simple way for the user to enter those occurrences.


The Start/End_Date fields would store the occurrences as a return-delimited list of numbers.


I wonder if a separate Calendar field with the instruction "Set by Day(s) Of Month" could be devised where clicking a Date sets the list to the chosen Day Of The Month for every month within a specified Date Range. Clicking another Date would add another bunch of dates to the existing list.


A bit of a brain-boggler! Can you think of a way to approach the problem?


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