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Subsummary Help needed

Question asked by JimBrear on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by JimBrear

I feel stupid asking this but I cannot work it out.


I am reporting services provided to clients. Service codes range from 01 to 22.


Depending on the age of the client the service will be Federal or state government funded.


I set up the report


I have a summary field Total services


Layout looks like this:


Sub Summary Service code leading


Sub Summary Jurisdiction (either Federal or State). % of this service code Total Services


Sub Summary Service code trailing % of Total Total Services


Trailing Grand Summary % of Total Total Services


For each Subsummary Juristiction I would like % of this service code to show what percentage of the total services for that service code each Jurisdiction represents. .


eg, Service code 1 has 100 services

Federal = 40

State = 60

I want the Sub Summary Jurisdiction Federal to show 40%

Sub Summary JurisdictionState to show 60%



How do I calculate the field % of this service code?


Thanks for your help on this.


Jim Brear