Stand Alone Conversion Tool FM12

Discussion created by KenNewell on Nov 14, 2012

Has anyone used the standalone conversion tool for converting files from .fp7 to .fmp12 and knows what error code 8496 with a message of "Balanced out begin and end folder makers" means?


A little background information: We are upgrading our servers and clients to FM12. We are installing our server on a new box and using this tool to convert our 40 files on the server in a batch process and then upload to our new server. I've converted the files several times which takes about 2 hours and have uploaded so we can test drive everything on the new server. This tool runs at the command line and I wrapped it inside another shell script so that I can process all of my 40 files at one time.


The first two times I scanned the conversion log and did not notice any error codes returned. However this time I took the log and imported into a FM DB so that I could search on the error code field and have found 2 instances of this error.


The documentation that come with the tool does not have error codes and/or their meanings.