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Where am I going wrong?  Date Range Search from Script

Question asked by rfinger22 on Nov 16, 2012
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I have a database with a bunch of information, and I want to create a search to find the range of dates based on customer's input. If I was to go into Find Mode manually, click on the Date Submitted field, and type in <Start Date>...<End Date> manually, it would search and find the records meeting that date range. I've created the script below, and it keeps coming back "no records found." If I modify the find and type that same information in as I did when I manually did it, it says the same thing. If I exit out of it and again do it manually, it finds everything I need.


What am I missing? What is causing this to find nothing when I run the script, but finds everything if I did it manually with, what looks like, the same criteria in place?


Script is below.



Show All Records

Enter Find Mode[]

Set Field [WOWs::GlobalStartDate; ""]

Set Field [WOWs::GlobalEndDate; ""]

Show Custom Dialog ["Enter Date Range (mm/dd/yyyy)"; WOWs::GlobalStartDate; WOWs::GlobalEndDate]

Set Field [WOWs::DateSubmitted; WOWs::GlobalStartDate&"..." &WOWs::GlobalEndDate]

Perform Find []