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    FMSA12: IWP and PHP do conflict




      i did migrate from FMSA11 to 12 a few days ago, now i have a new problem with our CRM solution:


      there is a database, where clients connect via FMP, IWP and PHP at the same time. now since FM12, a php call fails, when an IWP session is already open, or vise versa, if a php session is open, opening IWP results into the message pop up : 'database not availible' . in the same moment it can open in FMP. if i do close the PHP session manually in admin console, opening IWP is immediately possible. same with closing IWP manualy over admin console, PHP wprks again


      but also, some times both work at the same time, but most often they don't. drives me crazy!

      use of diffrent user credentials seem not to have an effect


      is there any restrictions using a database simultanious with IWP and PHP?? didn't find any comment in documentation


      our FMSA is running as version 12.0.3 on windows server 2008 r2 x64 (hosted as VM on hyper-v) , all data is on a SSD


      please help!

      konrad > berlin > germany