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Script to validate rows and highlight them through conditional formatting

Question asked by gktummala on Nov 14, 2012
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Scenario - Classroom assignment for course offerings -


Table A


Course IDMeeting DaysStart TimeEnd TIme Classroom
CS101M,W,F9.00 AM9.50 AMRoom 1
STAT101M,W,F11.00 AM12.00 PMRoom 1
CS102T,R9.00 AM10.30 AMRoom 2
Stat102T,R9.30 AM10.30 AMRoom 2
Engl101M,W,F9.00 AM9.50 AMRoom 3
Engl102W9.30 AM10.30 AMRoom 3


Users do a classroom allocation for the course offerings and generate the above room allocation report towards the end. I need to write a script in FM to flag a course if it overlaps with another day and time and highlight the row with a differnet color for correction. All the data exists on a single data table. In the above example, row 3 and 4 has a time overlap and like wise, row 5 and 6 has a time overlap.


Can please anyone advice me on how write a solution for this scenario on filemaker.



Thank you!